Getting your eye scraped

Last Monday I noticed my left eye felt a bit blurred.  I thought maybe lack of sleep and it will go away in a few days. Nothing changed by Thursday I went to the eye hospital in Chengdu.  From what I worked out I had a eye infection and something similar to a kidney stone that had grown underneath the top of my eyelid which had scratched my cornea .  When the doctor told me that they have to scrape the stone off I came over all dizzy.  I have a thing about anything touching my eyes and that’s why I could never see myself wearing contacts.

I had to go and get the stone scraped not a nice experience, but my eyesight is more important.  I could actually feel the doctor trying to move the stone.

It could take months for my cornea to heal.

20130815_153030  Camera 360Camera 360

Camera 360Camera 360

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