The Work Has Begun!!!

Finally on September 12th 2013 the builders could start work on our apartment.  If you don’t already know when you buy an apartment in China all you get is a empty shell.  By law the building company has to supply electrics, plumbing and plastering, but on average the quality is not good.  So all the electrics, plumbing and plaster has to be replaced.

September 12th

Camera 360 20130912_145852 20130912_150210

September 16th Bathrooms and kitchen waterproofed and re plastered.  Balcony windows being constructed.

20130916_145012 20130916_141453 20130916_141349 20130916_141319 20130916_141307Camera 360Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 20130916_154145 Camera 360

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One thought on “The Work Has Begun!!!

  1. Matt Gibbins says:

    Looks like your seriously into nest building.

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