Going Private

After visiting the public hospital a couple of times we decided to check out the cost for private care in Chengdu.  Basically we had two options Angel Hospital and Natural New Born.  Angel was too expensive and I have some friends who had their babies at Angel and they informed that they always have hidden costs.  Also the natural birth rate at Angel is a lower than NNB.  We chose NNB because a lot more of our friends have had their babies here.  Also everybody had nothing but good words to say about NNB.


The benefits of going to a private hospital become apparent as soon as you walk through the door.

  • No waiting times which is a blessing as I don’t really want my wife waiting around for three hours just to get an appointment.
  • The husband can be present at every appointment.   In the public hospital the husband is not even allowed to be present at any of the scans or appointments.
  • The husband can watch the birth and cut the cord.  This is not allowed in the public hospital.
  • You have the same doctor through the whole of your pregnancy and birth.
  • You will not be coerced into have a c-section.
  • You get your own private room.
  • Clean (They have soap in the bathrooms)
  • Your doctor is available 24/7 via telephone or wechat in case you have any concerns during your pregnancy.
  • My wife has access to classes and a mother support group.

The list goes on.

Check out Sascha blog about his experience in the public hospital.


No Queue



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