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Apartment Update…. Changes in our area

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New Heated Flooring System

I have not seen this product outside of China


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Building Work Finished 01/12/2013

The building work was completed on the 1st December 2013.  I have had lots of problems trying to upload videos to youtube.  Sorry for the delay.


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Almost finished.

So we replaced the tiles..  We are still not 100% happy with the work done, but I won’t be paying for it.  So the last two weeks all the walls have been plastered, bathrooms, kitchen, balconies and hall way tiled.  Yesterday we fitted all the wall sockets and light switches and painted the whole apartment.

Video below.


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What’s been done?

In my last post I informed you that all work has currently stopped until we sort out the problems with the building company.

Anyway a quick video of work completed.


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Work has come to a STOP!!!

It’s been a month since my last update. The building work as been moving quickly in the last month even though we had a seven days of National Holidays, but unfortunately yesterday all work came to a stop after I told the Tiler to get the hell out of my apartment. He is employed by the building company which I now regret.

He started the work on the 8th and then vanished for three days. On the 13th I went to the apartment to check on what work if any had been done in the Kitchen. The tiler was not around.

This is the quality of his work.





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The Work Has Begun!!!

Finally on September 12th 2013 the builders could start work on our apartment.  If you don’t already know when you buy an apartment in China all you get is a empty shell.  By law the building company has to supply electrics, plumbing and plastering, but on average the quality is not good.  So all the electrics, plumbing and plaster has to be replaced.

September 12th

Camera 360 20130912_145852 20130912_150210

September 16th Bathrooms and kitchen waterproofed and re plastered.  Balcony windows being constructed.

20130916_145012 20130916_141453 20130916_141349 20130916_141319 20130916_141307Camera 360Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 20130916_154145 Camera 360

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We Finally Got The Keys

Finally on the 10th September we took over the keys from the management company.   After six months of waiting for them to resolve some structural problems.

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The Nightmare Continues

Every time we find a problem by law the building company has sixty days to fix the problem. Which is standard practice in China.  So the first time we reported the problems we had in the previous post they completed the work just within sixty days.  So in my last post the major problems had been fixed, but then I found we had a leak from the kitchen ceiling.

The building management company called me on 27th of June and informed me that the leak had been fixed in the apartment above.  So I headed down to the apartment.  I checked the wall and it was dry and all looked great.  I needed to make some measurements in the bathroom.  Just outside the bathroom I found another water leak problem behind the main light switch.


So over the last month I have been pushing the building management company to get this problem fixed within the sixty days.  Yesterday 30th July 2013 they called me and said it’s fixed.   I was thinking thank god I can finally get the builders in to start working I have only been waiting since APRIL!!!.

I get to the apartment and all looks great until I enter the kitchen.



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Has the work been finished ?

So in my previous post the work by the building company had not been completed.  On the 10th June 2013 I went to check again.  Everything looked great they had re plastered the walls and replaced the window.  Then I found a problem in the Kitchen water was coming down from the apartment above causing damp and damage to the kitchen ceiling and back wall.

I went up to the next floor and noticed that the fire hose pipe was pissing out water just above out Kitchen……  Argggh.

Stormed down to the housing managers office and told them to sort it out ASAP!!.


Apartment looking good apart from the kitchen wall


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Check to see if work complete. 21st May 2013

So in my previous post we had some issues with the walls and one of the main windows.  We went back to the apartment on the 21st May 2013 to check out what had been done or not done.  They had fixed the air pockets, but not my main concern the window.  Also the door had been broken open I was so angry I nearly punched the building manager.

20130521_164213 20130521_164328 20130521_16411020130521_170631

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Problems with new build in China

We got access to our new apartment on 11th April 2013, but we did not sign for the keys.  If you sign for the keys and there are some major structural problems it’s really difficult to get the building company to fix the issues.

So we hired an independent surveyor for around 600rmb to come and check the apartment.  He found some problems that needed to be fixed by the building company nothing major.  Just some air pockets in the walls in every room and some bad workmanship around one of the main windows.

We gave the building company four weeks to fix the problems.Image



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Buying a House in China posted Chengdu Forum late Jan 2013

So after 5 days of paperwork.  Here is the low down.

We found a really great new build near Longquan a few minutes from the new subway.  We chose Longquan for location and price, because within the third ring road is just two expensive. Also for me it’s about space I can have a 130sqm for the same price as a 70sqm within the third ring road.

The government changed the housing laws regarding Chinese married to foreigners in Aug 2012.  If you marry a foreigner and want to buy a house you both have to be on the mortgage agreement.

90% of building companies do not have the license to sell to foreigners. So the property will be in the Chinese spouse name.

Documents needed from foreigner.

Letter from Employee confirming salary and any bonus details.


Foreign Experts certificate

Police residency certificate

Marriage Book

6 Months bank statements stamped by bank manager

Certificate of no property. ( You need to go to the local government new property department to confirm no other property is in your name. )



Salary details

Bank Statements

ID Card

Marriage Book

Next step

You need to find the local government Notary office. You need a signed letter stating that your partner will be named on the property, but you will also be paying the mortgage. They will give you twelve copies. You also need another letter stating that you are able to repay any mortgage payments just one copy. Cost 1300rmb.. Please note you will be asked in Chinese if you agree with the terms if you can not answer its a no go.

Next step you need to pay the deposit for the apartment 30% min. Sign contract and get receipts.

The Bank

The bank of choice is supplied by the building company. Ours was ABC bank.. you need to give them all the above documents and open an account with them. This is done via the bank manager not over the counter. Cost for application is 200rmb.

The bank will confirm after one month if they approve the mortgage.

So we have paid the deposit just waiting for the bank to confirm. If the bank say no (which is very unlikely) we have 90 days to find another mortgage provider.

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