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The MP’s are the real benefit scroungers

Your hate should go up not down….


George Osborne was under pressure last night after it was revealed he claimed expenses to cover mortgage payments for a paddock.

The paddock adjoins his Cheshire farmhouse and was bought by the Chancellor and his wife, Frances, as part of the purchase of his Cheshire farmhouse for £455,000 in 2000, before he became an MP.

After winning a seat at Westminster in the 2001 General Election, Mr Osborne claimed up to £100,000 in expenses for mortgage interest payments on the home and paddock. However, it has now been revealed that the paddock is recorded by the land registry as a property separate from the farmhouse near Macclesfield.

The mortgage claims on the farmhouse were considered during the Parliamentary inquiry into MPs’ expenses because Mr Osborne had “flipped” his second home allowance on to the property but there was no mention of the paddock being separate. The house and paddock have now been sold, reportedly for up to £1m.

Labour’s John Mann said: “Mr Osborne clearly didn’t need it [the paddock] to discharge his Parliamentary duties.”

In January 2010 Mr Osborne was ordered to repay £1,666 after being found to have overclaimed for mortgage interest on the farmhouse.

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BBC and Sky News Bias for Scottish NO vote

5000 people turned up for the NO vote rally in London.  In attendance Bob Geldof ( Tax Dodger) and Dan Snow (son in law to the Duke of Westminster) and Jim Davidson (racist bastard).  50,000 people turned up for No More Austerity Rally in London in June.  Did the BBC gives this any coverage? Did Sky News? NO!!!!

Come on Scotland this is the only vote that has ever mattered in my lifetime.

Beware of Cameron, Clegg and Miliband bearing gifts at the last minute.

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I’m scared of TTIP

David Cameron bangs on about EU intrusion on our daily lives, whilst he is willing to accept TTIP.

Owen Jones
When Cameron vetoed an EU treaty in 2011, it was not the national interest he was safeguarding, but the City’s. Similarly, Ukip’s pretence to be the people’s army against the Brussels bureaucracy is proved to be a cynical charade.

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May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears Scotland. Vote Yes

Dear Scotland

Please don’t let this unelected Tory government fear you into to a no vote. It’s time to show the UK GOV that the system needs to change.

Why would your send all your money and children’s future into the purses of the rich in the city of London?

Alex Salmond might not be the right guy, but it’s a stepping stone. Would your rather have David Cameron?

Don’t keep the pound. If you keep the pound you will still be controlled by the city of corruption.

It’s time to say yes.

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RAYTHEON Cashing In On Syria Already

Defense contractor, RAYTHEON is already seeing a huge stock jump at the prospects of launching Tomahawk missiles (which the defense giant produces) into Syria. We look at how they have profited already and how the defense lobby has nudged our representatives closer to war to line their pockets on this Lip News Clip with Mark Sovel and Lissette Padilla.

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