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TIC China Podcast: A-Z series Racism and Xenophobia in China.

In our latest episode we get into a deep discussion about racism and xenophobia in China. We talk about peoples attitude to other races and the big brother attitude of Han Chinese towards the other 55 minorities. We also talk about the rise in nationalism in China at certain times of year.


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A-Z podcast new episode: JUNK food in China

In this episode Ian & Austin talk about Junk food in China.

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A-Z podcast new episode: The internet in China

In this episode Ian & Austin talk about how to get internet access, mobile wifi, The Greatfirewall, VPN, updating iPhone and Andriod apps and Skype.

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TIC China Podcast MINI series Ep7 Movies in China

Ian talks about the international film quota and the cinema experience in China.

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The Chinese Pollution Revolution 2016?

No you can’t fool the children of pollution.

Over the last few days Chengdu’s pollution levels have been extreme no difference really from the last 5 years just the same as usual. In the last couple of years I have started to wear a pollution mask on these danger days. So yesterday (NYE) I popped on my mask and headed off to the metro station on the way I walked past a young father and his very young son as soon as the father saw me he started to laugh. I was so angry I just muttered through my mask “wanker”.  I was thinking how dare you laugh at me you’re the one bringing your child out into this shit. I must note the local government sends out messages that children should not go outside.  I usually feel a bit weird in Chengdu as you usually don’t see many people wearing masks and being a Lowai (foreigner) makes me extra pointing fodder. “Oh look at the Lowai with the pollution mask” laugh, laugh, chuckle, snort and cough.

Finally I arrived at my metro station downtown as soon as I stepped out of the station I was overwhelmed. The amount of young Chengdu locals with pollution masks was astonishing. As I walked down the street to work I was getting nods of recognition from other mask wearers this had never happened before usually when another mask wearers saw each other they would just hang their head in shame, but not today folks! What’s changed? Maybe it was the documentary earlier in the year called Under The Dome, which is now banned in China. Maybe it’s because young people in China have finally had enough of being bombarded with commercialism and has come to the realisation that some things in life are more important.

Is this a pollution revolution?

Happy New Year

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What’s been done?

In my last post I informed you that all work has currently stopped until we sort out the problems with the building company.

Anyway a quick video of work completed.


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The pollution levels over the summer have been okay in Chengdu this year, but today they are back with vengeance and furious anger. It’s time to get my pollution mask out again.


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Cooking Chengdu Festival (Support Local Music and Art)

All please buy your tickets Hemp House, Lan Town, Morning Bar and Lotus Palace.

RMB80/ day (Pre sale RMB50 two-day RMB100 incl. one free shot)

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Getting your eye scraped

Last Monday I noticed my left eye felt a bit blurred.  I thought maybe lack of sleep and it will go away in a few days. Nothing changed by Thursday I went to the eye hospital in Chengdu.  From what I worked out I had a eye infection and something similar to a kidney stone that had grown underneath the top of my eyelid which had scratched my cornea .  When the doctor told me that they have to scrape the stone off I came over all dizzy.  I have a thing about anything touching my eyes and that’s why I could never see myself wearing contacts.

I had to go and get the stone scraped not a nice experience, but my eyesight is more important.  I could actually feel the doctor trying to move the stone.

It could take months for my cornea to heal.

20130815_153030  Camera 360Camera 360

Camera 360Camera 360

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This gift is still giving

In June as usual we had some major thunderstorms in Chengdu.  This morning the thunderstorm started around 3am 7th Aug 2013 and it’s still going at 11:30pm..  anyway I’m sure my gift that keeps on giving will have to be taken out the box again.

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A typical Sunday In Chengdu

I always make sure I have one day off on the weekend.  Also been pretty busy DJing for the last two nights at Hemp House and the hangover was wearing off.  Jumped on the bicycle and wandered around town.

Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360 Camera 360

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Sometimes in China you have what I like to call “I hate China day”.  Yesterday I had one of those days.  If you live in China you will understand what I’m talking about.

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Rain brings blue skies to Chengdu

It rained like hell yesterday morning in Chengdu again.  Luckily in the afternoon we had some amazing blue skies.

Camera 360

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Chengdu Beer Nest

Last night I actually got round to going to The Chengdu Beer Nest.  The Beer Nest brews it’s own beers.

I had a delicious pint of IPA…….

Camera 360

Address: Jinxiu Road 34 – 7 (Across Poly Center; close to Zongbei Peter’s Tex Mex/ McDo).
Open 2pm – late.

Website: The Beer Nest
E-mail: info@thebeernest.com

Chengdu Beer

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I don’t get why they can not put their crap in the bin

Camera 360

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Pollution is back !!!!

Yesterday the pollution level went over 200 again.  Also we had some strange yellow dust clouds over Chengdu.

Welcome back pollution !


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Buying a House in China posted Chengdu Forum late Jan 2013

So after 5 days of paperwork.  Here is the low down.

We found a really great new build near Longquan a few minutes from the new subway.  We chose Longquan for location and price, because within the third ring road is just two expensive. Also for me it’s about space I can have a 130sqm for the same price as a 70sqm within the third ring road.

The government changed the housing laws regarding Chinese married to foreigners in Aug 2012.  If you marry a foreigner and want to buy a house you both have to be on the mortgage agreement.

90% of building companies do not have the license to sell to foreigners. So the property will be in the Chinese spouse name.

Documents needed from foreigner.

Letter from Employee confirming salary and any bonus details.


Foreign Experts certificate

Police residency certificate

Marriage Book

6 Months bank statements stamped by bank manager

Certificate of no property. ( You need to go to the local government new property department to confirm no other property is in your name. )



Salary details

Bank Statements

ID Card

Marriage Book

Next step

You need to find the local government Notary office. You need a signed letter stating that your partner will be named on the property, but you will also be paying the mortgage. They will give you twelve copies. You also need another letter stating that you are able to repay any mortgage payments just one copy. Cost 1300rmb.. Please note you will be asked in Chinese if you agree with the terms if you can not answer its a no go.

Next step you need to pay the deposit for the apartment 30% min. Sign contract and get receipts.

The Bank

The bank of choice is supplied by the building company. Ours was ABC bank.. you need to give them all the above documents and open an account with them. This is done via the bank manager not over the counter. Cost for application is 200rmb.

The bank will confirm after one month if they approve the mortgage.

So we have paid the deposit just waiting for the bank to confirm. If the bank say no (which is very unlikely) we have 90 days to find another mortgage provider.

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