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Becoming a dad in China Part six Podcast

Part six of Becoming a Dad In China. Ian talks about birth certificates and the recent vaccine scandal in China.

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The Chinese Pollution Revolution 2016?

No you can’t fool the children of pollution.

Over the last few days Chengdu’s pollution levels have been extreme no difference really from the last 5 years just the same as usual. In the last couple of years I have started to wear a pollution mask on these danger days. So yesterday (NYE) I popped on my mask and headed off to the metro station on the way I walked past a young father and his very young son as soon as the father saw me he started to laugh. I was so angry I just muttered through my mask “wanker”.  I was thinking how dare you laugh at me you’re the one bringing your child out into this shit. I must note the local government sends out messages that children should not go outside.  I usually feel a bit weird in Chengdu as you usually don’t see many people wearing masks and being a Lowai (foreigner) makes me extra pointing fodder. “Oh look at the Lowai with the pollution mask” laugh, laugh, chuckle, snort and cough.

Finally I arrived at my metro station downtown as soon as I stepped out of the station I was overwhelmed. The amount of young Chengdu locals with pollution masks was astonishing. As I walked down the street to work I was getting nods of recognition from other mask wearers this had never happened before usually when another mask wearers saw each other they would just hang their head in shame, but not today folks! What’s changed? Maybe it was the documentary earlier in the year called Under The Dome, which is now banned in China. Maybe it’s because young people in China have finally had enough of being bombarded with commercialism and has come to the realisation that some things in life are more important.

Is this a pollution revolution?

Happy New Year

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Snow Mountain Surprise

Yesterday morning I woke around 6am in our Chengdu apartment opened the windows and saw something I have never seen before in Chengdu.  I could actually see Xi Ling Snow Mountain looking towards the North West from near Wanda plaza on the 2nd ring road.  You could actually see the snow on top of the mountains with your naked eye.  My father in law told me that when he was younger you could see it everyday, but with the rise in pollution over the last twenty years it maybe happens only a couple of times a year if your lucky.

The picture quality is not so good as I was using my phone.  The other pic was from a Chengdu website.








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Pollution In Chengdu

First photo taken 26th June 2014 second photo taken 28th June 2014



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The pollution levels over the summer have been okay in Chengdu this year, but today they are back with vengeance and furious anger. It’s time to get my pollution mask out again.


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Pollution Chengdu Watch

I love living in Chengdu, but one of the big issue’s we face is the rise in pollution. Since 2012 it seems to be increasing rapidly, this could be due to the building of the second ring road flyover or the increase in construction. Who knows? Below are some snapshots for my pollution index app and some pics from our balcony window.







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Sometimes in China you have what I like to call “I hate China day”.  Yesterday I had one of those days.  If you live in China you will understand what I’m talking about.

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Rain brings blue skies to Chengdu

It rained like hell yesterday morning in Chengdu again.  Luckily in the afternoon we had some amazing blue skies.

Camera 360

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Pollution is back !!!!

Yesterday the pollution level went over 200 again.  Also we had some strange yellow dust clouds over Chengdu.

Welcome back pollution !


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